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Artist:                             U Lun Gywe
Born:                              1930
Started:                         After graduating from the Art Institute of Teacher's Training.
Studied under:             U Thet Win, U Chit Maung, U San Win, U Thein Han and U Ngwe Gaing.
Exhibition:                     Art Shows in Japan, Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China,Australia,
                                        NewYork (USA), Republic of Singapore and Myanmar.
Medium:                        Oil, Water colour
Gallery Membership: Founder and Pattron Artist Life Art Gallery and Hinthar Gallery

»  Studied Eastern Art in the People's Republic of     China (1964)
»  Restoration of painting East Germany (1972)
»  Prize winner, Watercolour contest, New York     (1992)
»  Featured in the "Arts of Asis" magazine
    (Sept To Oct issue 1992)
»  "Gallery Watch" Tasmania
»  "Golden Flight" Magazine, Air Mandalay (1995)
»  "Asia Business" Magazine (1995)
»   Art show at the Hotel Intercontinental,
     Singapore (Oct, 1995).
»   Asian Art News July/Aug (2001)
»  Vol.48, April/May (2006)
»  International Artist Magazine

»  Instrutor, State School of Fine Arts, Yangon.
»  Principal, State School of Find Arts Yangon.
»  Instructor, Fire Art association University of
»  Art Instructor for the foreign community in
»  Annual Display for the gem Emporium
»  Completed two show room for the Buddhistic
    Museum, Shwedagon Pagoda.(1990)
»  Member of the panel of judges for the Visit
    Myanmar Year logo.(1996)
»  Member Judge of Asian Painting's award(2004)
»  Patron of the Myanmar Traditional Artist and
    Artisian Organization (central)
»  Graduated with distinction for eastem Art
    in the People's Republic of China (1964)
»  Award of Honour, Niagara Frontier Watercolor
    Society, New York (1990)
»  Doctor of Letters(Honoris Causa) Myanmar-2015
    Form-Culture Ministry.

»  National Museum Yangon, Myanmar.
»  National Art Gallery Malaysia.
»  Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
»  USA, Japan, Korea, India, Newzeland,     Singapore, Brunie, Thailand, Garmany,     England, France, China, Canada.

Solo Shows

»  Member show 1999-2006 Artist Life Art Gallery and Hinthar Gallery
»  Solo Show, National Museum, Yangon, 24th Jan 2000 to 2nd Feb, 2001.
»  Solo Show, Emearaldm Hill Studio, Singapore,December, 2000
»  Myanmar Art Exhibition (The Myanmar Traditional Artists and ArtisiansOrganization Central)
    Yangon, Myanmar, 2002
»  Unity of Colours (Show of Fine Arts)23,December,2002
»  Special November Art Show, 30 November 2003
»  Brush Works in July, 17 August 2004
»  (Lun Family Show) Htan Yeik Nyo Gallery, Mandalay 2004.
»  Art Exhibition, Feb , 2004 at Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
»  Solo Show, 23rd April 2005 at Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
»  At Thavibu Gallery Bangkok, Thailand, 15 May 2005
»  Living in the Colours Art Show,23 November 2005
»  5th Annual Group Art Show,31 November 2005
»  The Diamond Jubilee art exhibition,18 December 2005 (Artist Life Art Gallery)
»  Blossoms of spring Art Exhibition 2006 at the Grand Mee Ya Hta Yangon.
»  Tradition & Modemity in southeast asian art, Exhibition Jun 12thto July 15th 2006
    Asian Fusion Gallery, Asian Cultural Center, New York, USA.
»  Fragrance of Myanma Arts Solo Exhibition 5thto 8thOctober, 2006 at Art House, Singapore.
»  Myanmar Art Exhibition (The Myanmar Traditional Artists and Artisians Organization Central)
    Mandalay, Myanmar, 2006.
»  Gallery Member Shows (1999-2009) Artist Life Art Gallery and Hintha Gallery.
»  The Grand Art Stream Family Art Exhibition (Composed of Grand Father and Family Members up to
    Grand Children) February 2007.
»  2009 December The Life of Artist (Special Solo Show) Symbolic of 80 years Old Life
»  The Heart Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Singapore, Sept 2009
»  Special Solo Show of (Symbolic of 80 Years Old Life) December, 2009, Yangon.
»  The 3rdGrand Art Stream Family Art Exhibition, Grand Mee Ya Hta Yangon- 2010. Main Sponsor by Royal     Myanmar Teamix. Co-Sponsor by Grand Mee Ya Hta, Canon, Myanmar Time.
»  Jewels of Royal Hantha, Art Exhibition Royal Hantha Art Gallery, Naypyitaw-2010
»  The 4thGrand Art Stream Family Art Exhibition, 2011 (IBC) Yangon.
»  My Goldendancers Art Shows 2012
»  Donation Water Colour Show - 2013
»  Smeel & Breeze Of Amazing Chaung Tha Sea Beach - 2016
»  5th Grand Art Stream Family Show, Yangon - 2017
»  Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan, March - 2017
»  Art Show, Tokyo, Ginza, Japan, August - 2017
»  Teacher and Pupil special Art Exhibition, Yangon - 2018

Group Shows

»  10th Annual Art Show (19 February,2011 to 19 March,2011) Hinntha Art Gallery.

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